Weddings and Events

Have A. Taylor Studio handle the calligraphy for the big day! These are just a few popular services offered by A. Taylor Studio.  



Your invitations have all the important details -  opt for elegant calligraphy to grace your wedding invitation suite.   Envelopes are highly customizable, with various formats, inks, styles of calligraphy available! Beginning with your provided envelopes, you can extend this service to customize your return envelopes, return addresses, RSVP cards, and more. Every word is hand-lettered, never  printed, so no two are exactly alike.



Rustic, sophisticated and romantic signs can be made to surround you and your guests on your big day! Choose from classic countryside wooden signs, modern chalkboard signs, sleek glass, canvas, paper, or mirrors to celebrate the occasion. Signs can announce anything from your #weddinghashtag, your favorite quote, your wedding program or even your signature cocktails. Each sign is entirely customizable and hand-painted with love!


For the Table

Create a tablescape that will delight your guests all evening with customized escort cards, menus, table numbers, and accessories for the table. Details like are small yet memorable when they're personalized. Whether it's a small touch or a sweeping addition to your wedding, calligraphy can help you pull off the elegant look you want. Other items like personalized coasters, votive holders, acrylic/glass, lists, labels, favors and tags can add a personal touch for your loved ones.  


Each Project is Different

what is it like to work with a. taylor studio?


sourcing materials

I want to make sure you're getting the finest quality materials and product, so I will work hard to gather your materials like wood, chalkboard, mirrors, or whatever it is you're seeking. If you already have your materials, then GREAT! Not only does this drive the cost down, but it involves you in the process and you are more than halfway there when it comes to envisioning the piece for your big day. 

Since most projects are local, I am more than willing to coordinate pick up and drop off times for wedding projects. If you're not in the area, we can discuss shipping methods!

Reach out

Reaching out to inquire about your vision can be difficult - what exactly is it that you're looking for, anyway? Sometimes it is hard to picture that perfect final result - or sometimes Pinterest makes it super easy! Send me a picture that inspires you, tell me about your style, colors, and theme, and I'll be happy to communicate with you about the possibilities.

A lot of questions often begin around pricing. I try to keep my services as affordable as possible - I know that wedding planning is no joke when it comes to finances. See below for more detailed information on starting prices.


the final project 

When your piece(s) are complete, I will reach out to you to determine how to get your final product in your possession - whether its delivery, shipping or pick-up. And remember that when every single project is completed, yours truly does a little happy dance because YOU had faith in me to create a piece for your wedding.

After your project is completed, that doesn't sever our ties. A. Taylor Studio brides are always a bride in my book. Feel free to reach out with a testimonial, photos from your event, or just a "hello!"

ongoing communication

Unlike some vendors, my step-by-step work always incorporates you. You're a part of the project. I like to keep you informed with progress through ongoing and open communication. I aim to be transparent and real, whether it is through email, in-person consultations, phone or even text messaging. Why? Because I want to make sure your preferences are being reflected in your product. Your wedding is all about you, and that's my philosophy. However, if you're not looking for such an active role in the process, you can leave it to me to get your project done (trust me, I know you've got a lot of work to do!)  





Because each project is totally different than the next, it is important to consider these prices as starting prices. Quantities, size, turnaround time, special customizations and materials and delivery can all influence prices. See the document below to see starting prices for my most popular services.

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