Best Beauty Picks

It's time for another beauty post!! The last time I wrote about cosmetics and beauty, I was going through an unusual troublesome time with my skincare regimen. I was breaking out constantly, stressing out about it, and it helped to perpetuate the cycle. Now I feel as though I am in a really good place, with a great balance of skincare and cosmetics that I wear a lot during the week. I wanted to share with you some of my current beauty favorites, with my honest opinion (this is not a sponsored post!) about why these products rock.

I wear makeup at least 5 times a week. Getting ready in the wee hours of the morning is often a groggy blur of stumbling out of bed, in and out of the bathroom, and in front of my vanity. Hands down, though, the best part of my routine is my skincare  and makeup routine because I love these products.  Here's a quick rundown of what is pictured:


- lancome


- trish mcevoy 

intense gel eyeliner

- it cosmetics

bye bye under eye cream

- fresh inc.

age delay

 eye cream

- lancome 

le crayon powder

 eye brow pencil

- lancome 

le crayon khôl eyeliner


- nars 


- nars 



- laura mercier 

oil-free day lotion

- neutrogena 

hydro boost water gel

Maybe it seems like a lot but I use these products often and

love them -

I feel like they really work with my skin and complement my complexion. I am particularly proud of my eyeliner choices because I was in this search for a while for the perfect, long-lasting eyeliner that doesn't smudge but is not waterproof (I hate waterproof anything!). It cleanses really nicely, but STAYS on during the day which is awesome.

That being said, I think that it is super important to take days off and 


wear makeup! I make sure that my skin gets a break, and if I am wearing makeup after a long day, I can't wait to get home and wash my face to feel refreshed.

Still, moisturizer is a 24/7 necessity and I have dabbled with a few high end products (such as Le Mer) in the past, failing to find a consistent go-to.  I feel like Laura Mercier and Neutrogena Hydro Boost are really high quality alternatives that are


more cost effective. Here's how I balance the two: Neutrogena is for day-night during the week and I indulge a little bit with Laura Mercier on the weekends. It is so rich and nourishing! Neutrogena's gel is awesome for anytime, though, and I love the light and dewy feeling it gives my skin.

You should try these out! Let me know if there is anything you swear by :)

ciao, xo

PS: I would definitely recommend trying the more expensive items as samples! I always stock up on samples when I make a purchase from Blue Mercury. Some of these products are totally out of my price range but I am enjoying the samples while they last! On the other hand, some of these are totally worth the investment and have been paying off!