cold moon

It is absolutely unbelievable how cold it is - today, the wind chill is supposedly going to go below zero. This kind of weather makes me 


waking up at the unthinkable early morning hours that I have to. It is just so evil out! But it snowed the other day, and the snow does such a wondrous thing - it blankets everything and turns it beautiful. Anyway, earlier this week the wind was howling and I got home late - already dark out. As I was pulling up home I caught - out of the very teeniest corner of my vision - the moon. How could I miss it? A dazzling, clear, full golden moon. It seemed so close that you could even see the grooves of the cavernous craters.

What I wanted to do was curl up in my heated blanket and watch the Downton Abbey season 5 premiere (again) but instead I lugged my bags in, and dug out my good ol mini tripod and trusty camera. I dragged my mom to come on this little spontaneous photography adventure! And it was worth the frigid temps! By the time 5 minutes had passed I couldn't feel my hands! Hence the totally off-centered shots...

I love moon chasing. La bella luna! And these images aren't edited except for the watermark. Hashtag no filter :) It's never a bad thing to take a break from life to look up - just up at the sky - for a moment or two.

ciao, xo and happy thursday! 

don't forget to look UP today!