a salad epiphany

Alright: so the truth is, this salad was inspired by

a salad I had in France

. Make that the French Riviera. ha! I know, it is kind of funny. France is famous for its sophisticated cuisine and high dining - and the thing I come away with is salad inspiration. It's true, most people don't associate the Cote d'Azur with salads.

Anyway, this was a very simple and delicious summery salad that I plan on taking into the fall with my nerdy packed lunch. The ingredients are simple, and with a little bit of balsalmic dressing...

c'est merveilleux!*

If you're a salad freak, which I am not, you may question my odd pairings of ingredients in here - but I promise, they're really quite good. My salad epiphany in France won't lead you wrong.

Here's to summer salads! Ciao, xo


I so don't speak French, only broken Italian.