Your calligraphy just got a whole lot prettier.


Available Media

I prefer to use FineTec and Pearl Ex for metallics. There's a difference between both, but each offers its own benefits and looks amazing in high-contrast. Your calligraphy will really pop with either option! Because it is a specialty medium, an extra fee will be added per card when you use metallics. See below for more details.



Fine-Tec is a high-quality metallic made with mica. It is highly metallic and shines in any light! 

  • FineTec Placecards begin at $2.00 each
  • FineTec Envelopes begin at $2.50 each

Pearl Ex

Pearl-Ex is a powder based metallic, but not made with metal. It is pearlescent and beautiful when it shines! 

  • PearlEx Placecards begin at $1.75 per each
  • PearlEx Envelopes begin at $2.25 each 

Current Fine-Tec Options

Current Pearl-Ex Options


Classic Black and White Inks

Eternal elegance is always simply black & white.


Available Media

For an economical yet timeless option, choose black or white for your calligraphy ink. I use a stunning opaque white called Bleedproof White, which looks ah-mazing on black or any dark-hue papers. Sleek black is always a hit, too. I use Higgins inks or thicker black inks depending on paper, but it all looks the same in classy jet black. I will determine the type of black to use once I have your paper.

White Ink

  • $1.50 per placecard (up to 2 names)
  • $2.00 per envelope (4 lines / front only) 

Black Ink

  • $1.50 per placecard (up to 2 names)
  • $2.00 per envelope (4 lines / front only)