Frequently Asked Questions


Do you have an Etsy shop?

Yes! My Etsy Shop is where I sell finished pieces and limited custom work. There, I sell my prints, watercolors, and some finished wedding pieces. I prefer to work with brides more collaboratively (not on Etsy) when it comes to custom work. At the moment, most of my custom projects are booked through a network of local wedding venues in Bucks and Montgomery Counties.

My event is in less than a month -- can you still create a sign?

I do accept rush orders! I will try my best to complete your sign before your due date, but please understand that my booked clients’ work takes priority. If the timing works, a rush fee will be applied to the cost. The rush order fee is 25% of your final charge.

How does pricing work?

There are many factors that determine price, based on size, text, and finish. Everything with the A. Taylor Studio label is completely custom, so the prices of each project will vary. Envelope and place card prices are broken down here. The current standards start at $2/envelope and $1.50/place card. Premium inks such as metallics incur a $0.25 charge per piece. Some ways to save money: source your own materials, use black or white ink, and plan ahead for booking!

Do you have a set of rental signs available?

Yes! Rentals are for local brides within a 15 mile radius from Doylestown, PA. A. Taylor Studio offers rental mirrors in all sizes will be available for 48 hour rentals. Information about rentals can be found here. The most popular seller is The Giving Mirror, and I think this is why. Chalkboards, glass, and wood signs are also available for rental, but full customization is only available for mirrors and glass.


Where do you get your signs?

There are two answers to this question: Brides either provide their own sign, or A. Taylor Studio can help you source one. Rentals are always another easy option! A. Taylor Studio recommends that clients supply their own sign or provide the desired dimensions of the sign they want. A. Taylor Studio will gladly help you source your sign, but keep in mind that I approach signs with the idea that each piece is truly one-of-a-kind.  I treasure the heirloom, vintage look when it comes to signs - I scour flea markets, antique stores, home improvement stores and retailers to find specialty signs if brides request. Please allow 6-8 weeks for sourcing of materials with an additional fee of $30. I am happy to provide complimentary tips for where to begin searching if you are interested in providing your own signs.

Where do you get your paper and envelopes?

I have my favorite sources and companies that I have partnered with, but there are so many different types of paper that this is hard to answer! I enjoy supporting small and local businesses for handmade paper, but I am always looking to try out paper from new artisans. An easy go-to is Paper Source - it is impossible not to have fun shopping there!

Do you do invitation design?

Yes, but I am limited to a few bookings per season for invitation suite design! I have designed a few full-custom invitation wedding suites. At this time, I am only offering a few spots per year for full-custom suites. Semi-custom invitation designs are also available. My designs are available for purchase for letterpress and printing, but I do not offer printing services at this time. I would be happy to recommend my preferred printers if my client is in need of one.


The above text options are available for invitation design.


Where does the name “A. Taylor Studio” come from?

A is for my first initial, but Taylor is my name that I’ve always gone by. A stands for Amanda. But no one who really knows me calls me Amanda! “A” has its perks…the top of any alphabetized list, it’s super fun to write, and it throws everyone off. I have always gone by my name Taylor so it just sticks…and Taylor is definitely more me! :)